Compact Safety Valve – EPV C01

The compact safety valve series is the ideal solution for protection against excess pressure in all industrial applications in the low-to-medium capacity range involving steam, gases and liquids. This universal compact safety valve is certified according to PED and ASME VIII.



DN 15 to 25
0.25 bar g up to 200 bar g
NPS ½” to 1″
8 psig to 2900 psig
Benefits and features

EPV C1 valve is available with multiple options, which includes balanced bellows for body seat sizes 12.2 mm and 17 mm.

This series has an excellent return on investment and due to the simple design, it is available at very short notice, providing various types of connection. Thanks to a ball-bearing disc there is increased sealing performance.

The compact design covers a broad range of applications: the major purpose is thermal expansion, protection of pipelines, chemical and petrochemical industry, technical gases, cooling and oxygen applications, OEM applications (e.g. pumps and compressors) and also for steam, gases or liquids.

elite-Compact-Safety-Valve–EPV C1

EPV C1329, the standard compact
safety valve with threated connection

elite-Compact-Safety-Valve–EPV C1-03

Part of EPV C1

elite-Compact-Safety-Valve–EPV C1-02

Sizes DN 20 and DN 25 (¾” and 1″)
with balanced bellows possible

elite-Compact-Safety-Valve–EPV C1-01