Safety Valves according to ASME, API

This application category  includes safety valves, which belong to global industry  standards, e.g. API 526. The valves are manufactured in  accordance with ASME Sec. I or VIII.

The applications for EPV 8 type valves can be found in the chemical industry, petro-chemicals, oil/gas – onshore and offshore, refineries, tank farms and closed systems.

Series EPV 9 is built for high  performance applications on fired vessels as per ASME Sec. I.

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The API Safety Valve is manufactured  in accordance with API 526, ASME Code Sec. VIII. The National Board of Boiler (NB) and Pressure Vessel Inspectors certified capacities for air, steam and water.


Exceeding the API 526 standard the additional orifices V and W meet very large capacity requirements.

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The High Performance Steam Safety Valve EPV 9 is designed according to ASME Sec. I requirements. A large scale of orifice sizes ensure optimum selection.

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This pressure reducing valve with sizes DN 65 to DN 400 for  water is suitable for variable downstream consumption and large pressure differences